Bipolar 2 & Being An Entrepreneur

Updated: Feb 11

Well, well….

Quite a few months it’s been. Hasn’t it?

Let’s just dive the fuck in because I have quite a bit to say.

Being bipolar 2 as an entrepreneur and as a human, in general, is tough AF, I can say that for sure. Being low most of the time with almost no motivation, but 100% guilt for not doing anything is usually how it goes, then finally you get that burst of life and work your little heart away, but... it only lasts for so long and nerves end up being so amped, it’s easy to get agitated when things don’t go your way.

One of the things I’ve learned taking it slow the past few months; is that you can only take one step at a time… pushing your mind and body to the edge of a cliff will do no one any good. Especially you.

Somedays you take a step to work on your motivation, other days your taking steps to take care of your mind, body, and thoughts.

It’s okay to take it slow when you need to….

Again: NEED TO.

Another thing I’ve learned is you can not let your mental health define who you are and how you will end up. You can not keep making yourself a victim to whatever situation you are in.


This blog contains no tips, no fluff, just the truth…. Life can be hard, but you can rise up and take control, even if it’s slowly and one step at a time.

Keep believing in yourself, babe.


Your girl Kayla K. aka The Organized Babe


©2019 by Kayla Kassem