Google Calendar To Create Success For Entrepreneurs

Let me start off the blog off by saying that you totally have success without google calendar, but the app itself does help a ton! One of my favorite things about the platform is the ability to keep me on track with my several tasks.

Create Success With Organization

The app itself also has a ton of integrations (such as zoom + google tasks & keep) that make life as an entrepreneur so much easier, so we can create success for our business.

When starting to use the google calendar app, I have 2 methods to share so you can set up your calendar with ease!

2 Methods To Organize Your Calendar

First Method:

This method is a little more in-depth compared to the second, but this is designed to help to SLAY goals for your business!!!

1. Write down your overall goal for the week or month.

2. Next you'll want to write all the tasks that needs to happen in order for you to accomplish your goal.

3. After you have written all of your tasks, you'll want to prioritize what needs to happen first to last.

4. After you prioritized, you'll want to transfer to you calendar -- Make sure to choose work hours during your high performing time of the day (morning, afternoon, evening, late night)

5. While scheduling make sure to add 2 reminders for 45 min before & 15 min before each task to give you alert of when the task needs to be complete.

6. Now enjoy your calendar that will help you smash goals!!

Second Method:

This is BEYOND easy to set up & one of favorites!! If you ever heard of batching, that is what we'll be doing. And if you haven't heard of batching, that's just a term when you do similar tasks during a same time frame

1. Create a list of the different "hats" you wear

2. Next you'll want to schedule out a time in each day for each hat

3. To get specific, you can plan what activities needs to happen in the description area when scheduling each the hat

4. All that's left is to follow your calendar & keep updating every night/morning or every Sunday!

Plan Your Freelance Day With Ease

Click here to watch a video tutorial for setting up your google calendar!

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