How To Create A Organized Morning Routine

Time to get it together, they said….

Let’s be real, getting up in the morning can be HARD AF! Am I right? I know for me, challenging myself to wake up 4 & 5 AM, has been a tough one in itself, but one of the reasons I put myself up for that challenge (and I challenge you) is so I can start the day off with a BANG!

When I was working at Fat Burger Grill in 2016 (for like two weeks lol) I had a customer at the bar, sparking up a conversation with me. We somehow brought our conversation around to the time we woke up in the morning, I mentioned I started the day around 7:30 AM and didn’t officially get out of the house till 10 AM. His response was pure shock… He told me half the day had already passed. I honestly never thought of that way…

I don’t think you need to wake up at a specific time, but whether you wake up at 5 AM, 7 AM, or 10 AM, allow yourself to dedicate a few hours to yourself each morning to complete a morning routine that fills your cup up! And make sure it works for YOU.

Below I wanted to share my morning routine, which hopefully helps sparks your inspiration to create your very own routine that sparks you up!

Let’s get this morning routine started….

  • My morning wake up time varies depending on what I have planned that day - For the days I get my early morning hustle on, I wake up at 4:15 AM

  • On the days I want to start off HOT, but don’t plan to work super early, I like to set my alarm to 5:30 AM

  • If I don’t have anything planned for the day, or if I worked super late the night/morning - My natural alarm clock doesn’t go off till 7:30 AM - 8:30 AM

Fun Personal Fact:

Ever since I was a kid, my natural alarm clock always goes off around 7 - I remember being in the first grade on a weekend morning at 10 AM, being so grateful I could actually sleep late. I was always the first one up in the house, always!!

Once I know my wake up time, I’m able to list out all the tasks I’d like to complete that morning.

When I created my own personal list (which I’m about to show you), I browsed Pinterest & youtube for morning routine ideas, to see which tasks would fill my own cup.

Pro Tip:
Search youtube and Pinterest for “Morning Routine Ideas” - For YouTube, I typed in the specific time I’d like to wake up next to. Example - “4 AM Morning Routine”

After you’ve listed out all your tasks, it’s time to put them in order & figure out how long each task will take. Once you have that you have your official morning routine!

Pro Tip:
For ordering your tasks, you might want to think “What will light my fire first?” & “What will continue my fire” - This will help a ton to dig deep into what you want.

Now here we have it….

Hustle Routine:

4:15 AM -

Wake Up + Vitamin & Water

4:20 AM -

Play Lofi & Meditate + Journal

4:30 AM -

Go To Gym

(sign in to rideshare otw to gym)

4:45 AM -

Start 30 Min Treadmill Workout -

12 incline - 3 speed - 30 min

(thanks lauren for the idea!! she's from youtube)

(sign into rideshare otw home)

5:15 AM -

Hygiene Routine, Get Dressed, Makeup

5:40 AM -

Make Coffee

5:45 AM -

Sign Into Rideshare

(read + listen to music while waiting)

8:00 AM -

Sign Out Of Rideshare

Start Bright Routine:

5:00 AM -

Wake Up / Brush Teeth, Brush Hair, Deo, & Face Wipe

5:05 AM -

Water + Meds

6:10 AM -

Get On Workout Clothes, Lemon Water, Coat & Gym Bag

6:20 AM -

Go To Gym

6:35 AM -

Start 30 Min Workout

7:05 AM -

Leave Gym + Order Starbs

7:15 AM -

Arrive At Starbucks + Grab Order & Seat

7:20 AM -

Set Up Station, Study/Work Timer, & Begin Session

8:20 AM -

Come Home

8:30 AM -

Let Pups Out & Do 5 Min Stretches

8:35 AM -

Play Music & Drink Coffee

8:40 AM -

Hygiene Routine + Wake Up Adam

9:00 AM -

Get Dressed + Makeup

9:10 AM -

Make Breakfast

9:20 AM -

Eat Yum Yum / Put Dishes In Dishwasher

9:30 AM -

30 Min Chill Timer

10:00 AM -

Review Day + Edit

There ya have - 1 full-on guide on creating your own routine, a sample routine, and a FREE template to write down your routine!!

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ya biz bestie - Kayla Kassem


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