Strategy To Smash Goals

There are TONS of strategies to smash your goals! The trick is finding the right one for YOU.

Today, we’re going over the “Work Backwards” method! I find this strategy most useful when I’m having a hard time realizing HOW I will get there. Who knows? Maybe this strategy will work best for you right now!

Before we dive into the method, I want to stress that inspiration, motivation & most importantly discipline is key factors in upholding finishing your goal.

Without inspiration, there is no heart.
Without motivation, there is no will.
And finally, without discipline, there is no accountability.

So before diving into a goal, make sure you have all 3 foundations ready to go, so you can…. Smash Your Goal!!

Now it’s method time…

1. In order to use the “Work Backwards” method, you’ll need to UNDERSTAND your end goal.

  • What does it look like?

  • How do you see it?

  • Is there anything specific you feel, see, or hear?


Light some candles, set a 30-60 min timer, and have a killer journaling sesh to really understand what your end goal looks like for you!

2. Once you understand your end goal, you’ll be able to start working backward on the STEPS you need to take to reach your goal!

For example, if you’re publishing an e-book and making your first 50 sales at launch is your end goal, then you know publishing & launching the book will be BEFORE the end goal. Right?

This step is all about understanding the steps involved to reach your goal!

  • How will you get there?

  • What do you need to do?

  • Do you need any help?


Write down ALL the steps you know need to happen & start to rearrange them from end to beginning to start forming your timeline.

3. Now that you have a good idea of what your steps look like and what order you need to take. It’s now time to form your timeline to reach your goal!

For this last step, you have two factors to think of -

  • How fast do I want this project to be?

  • & How long realistically does each step take?

Once you know whether you want to go slow or fast and how long each step will really take, then you can form a timeline based on those two factors.

For example, if I was publishing that e-book and making my first 50 sales, but I was wanting to go relatively slow on the project - I know I can give myself 2-4 days buffer time in between steps, but if I wanted to go fast I’d give myself 0-1 day buffer time in between steps.

There ya have folks, a 3 step strategy to smash your badass goals!

I really hope this post sparks your inspiration to start creating a plan for your goals. I know you can get it done babe!!! Until next time…

Sending Happy Vibes,

Your Biz Bestie - Kayla K.


©2019 by Kayla Kassem