The Video Babe's 3 Rules For You & Your Biz

3 Rules To Keep By For You & Your Biz

Personal blog post alert… so get ready!

The past few months have truly been a downhill battle for me. Trying to climb, but never making progress.

Recently, I was diagnosed w/ bipolar 2… I always had suspicions but knowing it just made it so much realer than I could handle.

I balled crying in my car for 30 min after learning that, but I made a promise to myself it would’t hold me back, but low & behold not even a few weeks after I started going down hill emotionally, mentally, physically. It was exhausting trying to do everything. I was pushing myself, but at the same time never getting what I wanted done.

I probably thought about quitting my coaching business over 100 times during this period and finally, I said fuck it I don’t have to do market myself everyday… That every other day of posting became never getting on for a whole month.

It was such a relief of not having to worry about posting, about promoting, it felt so good to just do what I want. During this period I emerged myself into activities I truly enjoy.

I started taking day trips to the cities again, I went to car meets, talked to people about non business shit & it was amazing!

To be honest I’m not 100% ready to be back, but that downhill battle is finally balancing out, so to prevent going downhill again I’ve promised myself to keep to -

“3 Rules For ____”

(tbh I couldn’t think of a catchy title, can you lol”)

  1. Treat your body right! Actually drink water, eat a damn veggie, & for the love of god please work out!!! My body deserves it!

  2. Keep the work load light & don’t over commit!

  3. KEEP HAVING FUN!! OMG YESSS! It’s not all business, its not all about the house, it’s about friends, family, & what you love to do! So keep having fun & spending time w/ loved ones 💖

Literally, having fun is one if the main reasons I’m feeling so much better, so if you’re burning out, in a rut, or like me, having a downhill battle (code foe depressive episode) then make a small step everyday to do something “fun” & please don’t overwork yourself, your mind will thank you, I promise.

So with all that being said, I hope this post spoke to you in some way…


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