Top 5 Kick-Ass Habits For Boss Babes

To Start Off With…

Creating habits for yourself and your business is going to look different for everyone, but the one main thing you’ll see similarities in is that almost all successful business owners have habits in some way shape or form.

Habits help increase productivity & the accomplishment of our goals. Without habits, we’d be completely free in a sense, yes, but we’d have a structure in place, so we can get to where we want to go.

Whether that’s a healthy lifestyle, booming business, amazing social life, whatever it is - habits in our daily & weekly life will help us get to our goal.

Which is what we want, right?

5 Boss Babe Habits

As I mentioned earlier, everyone's habits will look different depending on goals, personality, etc, but I thought I'd share a few of my favorite habits with you amazing boss babes or #organizedbabes as I should say.

And who knows maybe it will spark an idea for ya (hopefully it’s already sparked motivation to pick up habits lol)

1. Weekly Review + Plan -

This is a habit is truly so fucking helpful! To be real, some weeks I’m super down, & some weeks I’m on top of the world with my energy + motivation.

Especially in the weeks, I’m down though, completing a weekly review + plan helps create some sense of the structure of what I can improve on + work on!

(I’ll be working on a video soon on how I complete this so stay tuned for that!)

2. Drink Water… ALOT -

OKAY... I know this is NOT a sexy tip, but if you're not doing it already then get ready for ya life to be changed!! It legit makes me feel like a whole new person…. That has to pee a lot haha.

On another note, drinking water also helps to increase productivity by 14%!! Which is pretty freaking awesome!

“PRO TIP - Drink ice-cold water as soon as you wake up to beat the morning grogginess & gt your booty to work!”

3. Network Like A BOSS -

This tip right here is going to be a business lifesaver! And trust me when I say, connections are true GOLD in the business world, so make sure you are a making a ton!

Lookup -

  • Local events

  • Networking nights

  • Online groups

Brainstorm on a few ways on how you can do to get in front of new people!

4. Explore New Methods -

One thing to keep in my as an entrepreneur & as a human being, in general, is that we do not operate the same way, therefor some methods might work better for others.

This can be referred to:

  • Process

  • Organization

  • Planning

  • Marketing

It’s important to keep trying new & learning new ways to see what works best for you & your business. One thing might be working good now, but something else could be GREAT for you!


This one ties in with the last tip, but it not only refers to learning new methods for yourself & your business but to keep learning knowledge for:




Staying on top of your niche’s news and learning everything you can around your niche will place you as a high authority within your niche, so you can be the GO-TO GAL!

So make sure to:

There are so many ways to keep up your knowledge, the only trick is.. YOU GOTTA DO IT 👏🏻

From what I’ve learned...

These are the top 5 tips I love to keep in mind on a weekly & daily for a kick-ass, work time! As an entrepreneur it’s your responsibility to make sure you are running at peak for your business, so a QUICK TIP:

  • Write down your own 5 you’d love to start keeping track of & make sure you share with us in the comments!

Stay tuned for more blog posts, videos, freebies & so much more!

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