Why I Left Instagram & What's Next

The Breakdown

Okay… so this past month has been eye-opening as FUCK!

Two months ago I ended up taking a month break from work because I was seriously breaking down emotionally & physically. I was pushing myself so hard even though I was already depressed. After taking the break, I thought I was ready to start marketing myself on social again, but the cold reality, I've learned, is that’s not how I want to run my business. I say “cold” because this has been a year & half of my life, so to realize that wasn’t what I wanted the whole time, just sucks frankly.

Using IG & FB is exhausting! You have to brand yourself daily, talk to people daily & to be honest I don’t want to do that AT ALL!

I like being an introvert.

Not only was it exhausting, but it was also getting sad looking around & seeing the other coaches using “car salesman” tactics, but I’m not going to get into that because that’s a whole other topic that gets me worked up!

Plan Of Action

Anyways, I basically wanted to write this blog post for y’all, but also for me, so I can get out my thoughts but also plan the updates for The Organized Babe!

I mean, there’s are only 4 months left, so make it’s badass!!

1. First on the agenda, is I’m deleting my IG + FB over & will not return until I feel aligned & ready.

2. Next, I’ve learned I DON’T want to be coaching all the time, I like the ability to be social when I want. So I decided, I’m only taking 4 1:1 VIP client & 10 TSBC members - So that means, only 2 1:1 VIP spots & only 7 TSBC spots are available & ALL ARE APPLICATION ONLY!

3. Instead of IG & FB, I’ll be focusing on Pinterest, Email List & SEO for promotions!

Since I’ll have more free time due to not being on social ALL the time, that means way more way freebies & awesome digital products for y’all!

4. I’ll also be starting some fun projects, such as my youtube page, & a few other ideas, so make sure you stay tuned for that :)

Ultimately, I feel so relieved to not have to worry about a platform & be around a niche that is sucking my soul clean! Little dramatic, but that’s how it feels!

I’ll be deleting my business IG & FB in two weeks & not starting another until I feel ready + aligned too.

The Advice

If you are starting to feel this way or have been feeling where I’m at, here are a few tips to find clarity in what you ACTUALLY WANT!

1. Automatic Writing

I first heard of this when I was on a call with the brilliant Justine. She’s a fabulous life coach & recommends a exercise that she tells her clients to do. Basically, you write down questions about yourself, your life, job, family/friends, etc

After you finish your question you move on to another one. this helps to get out what you're really thinking & feeling.

2. Actually, do things that feed the soul!!

For example, I’ve been spending more time in the car race scene. While spending time doing this, it helped come to the realization of things that really don’t bring me happiness.

3. Take the pressure off.

A lot of times we are concerned with what comes next, & create pressure in our mentality. LEARN to just live in the moment!

Let me know in the comments below what you think of this post, I would love to hear your thoughts 💖

I’ll be coming out will more blogs, videos for the websites, workbooks, bomb ass products & so much more!!

Email theorganizedbabe@gmail.com if you’d like to talk more 🧡


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